Forcing Our Children to Drink Milk Is Leading Them Away From God: A Factual, Well-Researched Take.



I am here to talk about what evryone seems afraid to speak of. Thats rite, while everyone is worried about the Ruskys and MY President I have been doing my fare share of research about a topic near and dear to everyones harts. Milk is not only bad for you but is likely created by satanists to posion our children. Here me out.

Who doesnt love a great big glass of milk with some chocolate chip cookies? I know for a fact before im even in the door at nanas house shes got a dozen cookies and a gallin of milk ready to roll. But lately i have become more WOKE to the subject and have realized the negative nutritional benefits of drinking milk and greet her with a big fat NO THANK YOU. In fact, I believe it has ben created in order 2 weaken our children and take them away from jesuse.

According to this article i found milk became popular around the 1920s. I know what else wasnt so popular around that time, Racism. Altho I cannot say for sure these two are correlated, as milk has become more popular not only have there been several genocides there has also been lately a persecution of white christian men. God fearing men have been greatly affected lately from this rise in popularity another species milk. Just look at this shirt that is for sale. Just disgusting. If my gf wore this i would probably drive into a small pond. As u can see we have lost our path toward God as a soceity since we have made milk a large part of our diet.


Even our own children are not safe from this pandemic. Thanks to Michel Obama and her BS rules, our poorest children must purchase milk in order to be under the free and reduced lunch program. The saying goes start em young and i forget the rest but u catch my drift. Liberals and several other members of our government have teamed together to force our children away frm God and towards Satan even possibly. This weakens them spiritually, which then leads to self esteem issues and even possibly what pundits call a “milk moustache”. I do NOT need my 5 year old daughter coming home crying because she thought she had a moustache and was not feeling pretty. Shame on the Democrats and others.

After reading this i hope u guys agree milk should NOT be drank by anyone but especially our children who are still growing spiritually and fisically. Pls join me in calling on our nations savior DONALD J TRUMP to repeal the Obamas disastrous mandate on milk before it is too late.



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