Is it Time for the “Old Guys” to pass the Torch to the “Young Guns”?

In the present when discussing the upcoming golf tournament, the talk is not “Will Tiger Win?” or “Do you think Tiger will be on contention come Sunday?” it is now “Will Tiger even play?” With already not playing in this year’s Masters and his status for The US Open in question, Tiger is becoming more and more of a memory. With players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on the brink of fallen off from being even considered a contender anymore, is it time for Golf fans to embrace all the amazing new talent on the Tour now or still leave their hopes for another run from the “Old Guys”? I say we can have it both ways.

This “Young Gun” movement all begin with then 20 year old Jordan Spieth winning last year’s Masters in record fashion. He became the kid on the block and will not let go of the spot for quite some time. But guys like the new number one player in the world Jason Day and long hitter Dustin Johnson are now becoming the favorites of golf fans. Week in and week out these new players are creating drama filled golf that is always fun to watch come Sunday. But then where does this leave big names like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson?

It can be said the likes of Woods and Mickelson carried the game of golf for the last 2 decades. But with their injuries and age creeping up on them, they are becoming more and more obsolete come Sunday. Heck, Tiger hasn’t even played competitively yet this year due to injury! So is it time to hang up the clubs for these two? I say not just yet.

In regards to Tiger, golf was and always be ten times better with him in contention. So many more people will watch to see how he does and cheer him on. But I also think he needs to make sure when he does come back to make sure he is ready to compete. I hate watching a Tiger Woods who goes out and shoots a 78 and looks like my dad could beat him. I want a Tiger Woods that can compete with the “Young Guns” make a push at the Championship come Sunday. This will be a much better outcome for the game of Golf

In regards to Phil, now let it be known I am little biased here because Phil is my favorite golfer. But he has said many times himself and I agree with him in that he has a lot of game left. With his new swing coach Andrew Getson, Mickelson has been putting up low score after low score. Even though so far the results aren’t there, his game definitely gives him a shot come every tournament he plays. Phil Mickelson in contention on Sunday is always good for the game of golf.

So I will answer the question “Should The Old Guys pass the Torch the Young Guns?” with a “not yet” Both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are huge assets for the game of golf when they are playing well and those assets are not yet finished. Let’s hope at this year’s US Open that at least one of them (hopefully Tiger plays) are in contention.





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