MLB Power Rankings: June 1st, 2016

Jake Arrieta Picture
Things are looking good for Jake Arrieta and the Cubs (


Overall: 35-15 Last Week: 5-1

I think it’s safe to say fans on Chicago’s Southside are going to have quite the summer, and with good reason. Their Cubs have the best record in the major leagues by far, with their loss total still not legal to have sex with headed into June. After a rough stretch, the Cubs have rebounded by taking 6 of their last 7, including a weekend sweep of the somewhat tough Phillies.

This tweet says it all about how they’re playing.

  1. Nationals

Overall: 32-21 Last week: 4-3

The Nationals are an interesting bunch. One day they’ll get their shit rocked by the Mets, another you’ll see Bryce Harper being his usual obnoxious self, and then another day they’ll go embarrass the Cardinals 10-2. This team is deep, and Daniel Murphy may be the free agent signing of the year, hitting almost .400 heading into June.

Better than Joe Morgan IMO.

  1. Red Sox

Overall: 32-20 Last week: 4-3

The boys from Boston’s Back Bay seem to have it all figured out. Eduardo Rodriguez is back, Clay Buchholz is gone, and they seem to have at least 4-5 surefire all-stars on the team right now (Ortiz, Bogaerts, Steven Wright, Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts). A Red Sox-Cubs World Series would definitely be hell for the baseball gods, and both teams seem ready to rip through their leagues.

  1. Giants

Overall: 33-21 Last Week: 4-2

Two words: Even Year. Like it or not, the Giants seem to have a monopoly on winning in even years this decade. Like let’s be honest. Who needs to be good all those other years? Fuck odd numbers anyways. Dividing by two is Buster Posey’s favorite off day activity. Bumgarner is great, Posey is great, but they’ll probably have to trade for more help to keep themselves competitive with Washington and the Cubbies.

  1. Dodgers

Overall: 28-25 Last Week: 4-2

Other than the Cubs pitchers just wiping their ass with them like they’re a Neanderthal who just ate Taco Bell until the 8th inning last night, the Dodgers have looked pretty good so far this year. Kershaw’s doing his usual thing where he leads the majors in almost every category known to man. But, the offense kinda blows: Adrian Gonzalez is the only one even close to hitting .300. This calls for some Dodger Money.


  1. Pirates

Overall: 29-22 Last Week: 4-3

The Buccos are doing their usual thing where they’re a great team stuck in the best division in baseball, and never actually doing anything. Lord knows they could use another sub-3.00 ERA arm to help out Cole at the top of the rotation, but it’s Pittsburgh. Will they spend the money or do what is necessary to finally climb over the hump?

  1. Mets

Overall: 29-22 Last Week: 3-3

The defending NL pennant takers have mixed around with mediocrity throughout the season. Maybe the loss of Murphy’s bat has hurt them more than they’re letting on, but they seem to be doing better… other than Chase Utley smacking two homers and giving them the proverbial finger after they threw at him, of course.

  1. Rangers

Overall: 30-21 Last Week: 5-1

Odor’s tough? Just watch this, back when baseball was fun.

The Rangers look really poised to make another nice playoff run and then choke it away, because that’s Texas baseball in a nutshell. Hamels is always a guaranteed quality start, and no one on that staff has been awful this year. They can be as good or as bad as they want.

  1. Mariners

Overall: 30-21 Last Week: 3-3

This team is basically the kid in High School who would pick on all the smaller kids, then have someone their own size show up and knock them around. I mean, even the little kids too. The fucking Twins man? The Twins. They did put up 10 runs on James Shields Tuesday, though. I guess he’s not going to a contender in the next five days.

  1. Blue Jays

Overall: 28-26 Last Week: 6-1

Now these are the Blue Jays that fans are used to seeing. Bautista, Donaldson, and Encarnacion made Boston and their fans want nothing to do with Rogers Centre this weekend, and the pitching rotation is solid enough, even without David Price there anymore. They’re finally making their run, and it’s gonna be a real dogfight for the AL East this year. I’m talking real fight. No Mayweather BS.

  1. Cardinals

Overall: 28-25 Last Week: 4-2

Matt Holliday’s Monday home run may be one of the elite home runs of the season, but the Cardinals have been far from the elite team we’re used to seeing. The pitching has been a major contributor, with no starter having less than a 3.5 ERA. Yeah, that’s not gonna get you far, especially when the Cubs and Pirates on your schedule 38 times.

  1. Royals

Overall: 29-22 Last Week: 5-1

The defending champs have been off to a slow start so far this season, but they seem to have righted the ship, at least for now. Hosmer’s been one of the top all-around hitters in the AL this season, and with Sal Perez still calling games any pitching staff can do well, even one lacking a truly dominant ace. They will probably look for pitching at the deadline, and maybe even to keep that help for more than half a campaign.

  1. Indians

Overall: 26-24 Last Week: 2-4

Terry Francona’s squad is hard to read. On one hand, you have serious star power in players like Kluber and Lindor, but yet they really are just an average team so far. Looking like they’ll be on the outside looking in at a two horse race between the White Sox and Royals.

  1. Orioles

Overall: 28-22 Last Week: 2-5

This about sums up Baltimore lately.

After a blazing hot start in Maryland, the Orioles are quickly falling back to earth. The rotation has more questions than answers; past Machado, Trumbo, and Davis, they really haven’t had much in the way of consistent offense. If they even want to stay in the conversation, they’ll need at least another pitcher.

  1. White Sox

Overall: 28-25 Last Week: 1-5

Remember when the long awaited rematch of the 1906 World Series seemed inevitable? Pepperidge Farms remembers. Now, the White Sox are crashing and burning, losing 5 of 6 this week. Maybe Drake LaRoche’s leadership was more important than we thought.

  1. Marlins

Overall: 27-25 Last Week: 4-3

Jose Fernandez is back. Who the hell knows with this team though? They’re the Sacramento Kings of baseball. When the fuck are they gonna finally compete? Probably never. Marcell Ozuna has a cool name though.

  1. Astros

Overall: 24-29 Last Week: 6-1

Watch Out! Here come the Astros! 2013 me would be laughing right now, but I think the Astros are ready to come back to what they were last year. Other than the atrocity that has been Dallas Kuechel, the Astros other stars have performed close to as expected. Altuve looks like a sure bet to be an all-star starter.

  1. Tigers

Overall: 24-27 Last Week: 1-5

The Tigers are long gone from the team that made the World Series in 2012 and just missed out in 2013. Verlander’s nowhere near his prime, and somehow despite having four guys batting over .300, the Tigers are below .500. Jordan Zimmermann has been a bright spot for an otherwise atrocious pitching staff.

  1. Phillies

Overall: 26-26 Last Week: 1-5

For what was such a promising start, the Phillies…have become the Phillies again. The ghost of Ryan Howard is hitting just .154 this year, and other than Aaron Nola the rotation has been mediocre. It should be interesting to see whether the Phillies are buying or once again selling next month.

  1. Rockies

Overall: 24-27 Last Week: 3-4

Trevor Story has really cooled off since his record setting start, hitting just .230 over his last 15 games. Arenado is an absolute stud, but it definitely isn’t enough to put them even in the same room as the Dodgers or Giants. Maybe Jose Reyes can stay out of trouble and give the Rockies some help. Beating up on the Reds last night is really like beating up your scrawny little brother. Doesn’t count.

  1. Yankees

Overall: 24-27 Last Week: 2-5

This may be the worst Yankee offense I’ve seen, ever. No one in this lineup makes you shit your pants and call your mommy. The Starlin Castro fable is over, and nobody’s even close to batting .300. Tanaka has been nice to see, and the pitching staff as a whole can hold their heads high knowing they certainly aren’t the problem.

  1. Angels

Overall: 24-28 Last Week: 3-3

Poor Mike Trout. The guy’s probably the most talented player to come up since Griffey or A-Rod, and he’s just wasted on this team. How do you expect to be taken as anything more than mediocre with Jered Weaver still in your rotation?

  1. Rays

Overall: 22-28 Last Week: 1-6

Steven Souza is leading the offense with a .257 batting average. Jake Odrizzi is leading the rotation with a 3.36 ERA. Where is Longoria? Other than Archer’s recent no-hit attempt, he’s been nowhere near good enough. This team has a lot of work to do to get where they wanna be.

  1. Diamondbacks

Overall: 23-31 Last Week: 2-5

The Diamondbacks invested 206.5 million into a guy who’s struggling to keep his ERA under 5. Shelby Miller? Even worse. 1-6 with an ERA of 7.09. Goldy can only do so much, as folks in the desert have to be asking themselves what went wrong this year.

  1. A’s

Overall: 24-29 Last Week: 4-2

Rich Hill has been a pleasant surprise this year, with All-Star quality numbers. Same with Josh Reddick, who carried the offense to this point. It’s no secret the A’s are a rebuilding team, and I don’t see any improvement soon.

  1. Padres

Overall: 20-33 Last Week: 1-5

Alright, so I had a long winded rant about how fucking pathetic this team is lined up and now I don’t even need that. Their own executive chairman did it for me. Cool!

  1. Brewers

Overall: 23-29 Last Week: 4-3

I’ll give the Brewers some credit. They were expected to be historically bad this year, but they go into June only 6 games below .500. They’ve overachieved so far, and it might stay that way if Braun keeps on dominating the way he is (cue the random steroid check). Jimmy Nelson has really come up big for the squad, and if the Brewers want any shot at staying with this, they need their other guys to step up as well.

  1. Reds

Overall: 17-35 Last Week: 2-4

They just lost to the ROCKIES 17-4. The Rockies. This team is just plain bad. If Lisa Ann promised to fuck them all in exchange for a 10 hit game, they’d probably fail epically. To be fair, I think they started their offseason after they got swept by the Phillies to start the year. They have no real pitching, and Votto is hitting just barely over .200 this year. Tough time to be a Cincinnati fan.

  1. Twins

Overall: 15-36 Last Week: 4-2

This team started off so poorly that it was just impossible to ever really recover, and the team’s play has reflected that. Only the short 4-2 run saves them from 30th on the list.

  1. Braves

Overall: 15-36 Last Week: 3-4

I hope Braves fans enjoyed their magical run in the 90’s and 2000’s, cause it’s going to be a while before they’re back there or even close to it. Nobody hitting over .250, Teheran is the only one with a sub-3.00 ERA, and AJ Pierzynski is still starting at catcher for them. At least they started selling already, shipping off Jason Grilli to Toronto.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or at my twitter @E_Carey66.


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